Miami Pet Grooming

Searching for the best Miami pet grooming service? Look no further! Poochie on Your Block is your top choice in premium Miami pet grooming services. We offer spa quality treatment to make your pet feel relaxed and look flawless. Our commitment to our clients makes us the best Miami pet grooming company. Finding a trustworthy Miami pet grooming service is usually gamble, so you want to make sure that you find a professional Miami pet grooming company that is well acquainted with South Florida's finest breeds. As a Miami pet owner, you will feel relieved to find a place in your area that you can trust with your beloved companion. Bring your pet to our Miami location, or schedule a convenient pick-up/delivery service to get your pet groomed. Our high-quality, natural products and conditioning treatments improve the health and shine of your pet's coat. Poochie on Your Block welcomes all pets in the Miami area in need of a quality grooming, and we already accommodate most pets. If your pet requires extra care and special products, we will gladly help to make sure your pet's needs are met. Choose from the best service options in Miami pet grooming.
We have various packages to meet your pet's needs for an optimal Miami pet grooming experience. Our most complete package is the full groom, which includes a bath with natural products, coat conditioning treatment, nail trimming, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and hair trimming, hand blow drying, thorough brushing and combing, de-matting if required (additional charges may apply), hair removal (paws), sanitary haircut, hand-finished haircut, cologne, and your pet will be topped off with a stylish bandana or bow. It is Miami pet grooming at its best.
Not every pet needs such a lavish service every time, which is why there are other packages to meet your maintenance needs. The next Miami pet grooming option is the mini groom, which consists of most of the full groom package minus the hand-finished haircut. The great thing about Poochie on Your Block is that even the standard service is noses and tails above the competition for Miami pet grooming. Our bath-only option still manages to transform your pet with a coat conditioning, nail grooming, anal gland expression, hand blow drying, brushing and combing, de-matting if required (additional charges may apply), cologne, and a your pup will come back adorned with a bandana or bow. Poochie on Your Block wins 'best in show' in Miami pet grooming services.
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