Cat Grooming

Your pet deserves to look its best! We all know that grooming a cat is not an easy task to successfully achieve; most of them tend to be fastidious groomers, so there's a chance you could get hurt or scratched when it's cleaning time. Therefore, at Poochie on Your Block, we can provide the cat grooming service you need, as we offer the best care and full grooming services, pampering your beloved cat —or cats— by making them feel clean, relaxed, and beautiful.

Our full grooming services include a complete bath with high quality natural products and coat conditioning treatment for every type of hair, in order to keep the fur looking shiny and healthy. Additionally, the packages we offer will accommodate most pets, but if your little one has special needs, we will help you with the products or services that meet your cat's specific needs.

Our grooming packages are by appointment only and include:

Full Groom:
Starting in: $80

Starting in: $40